5 Reasons why the Bacchi is THE Espresso machine for the home user

Posted on September 23, 2012 by Brewingbobby Admin

You consider yourself a coffee junkie, visiting only the best cafes in Singapore, and drinking your coffee without sugar. Perhaps some of your friends even consider you a coffee snob. You are now ready to set aside some hard-earned money and embark on your first step to being a home barista. 

Brewingbobby tells you why the Bacchi Espresso machine is the most suitable espresso machine for you to start off with.

1) Lets you use freshly ground coffee, not capsules.

Let's get real. If you are serious about making proper espresso, abandon any thoughts of going the capsule route immediately. Grinding your coffee fresh is the only way to go in your quest for great coffee, period.

2) Consistent brewing parameters.

By controlling the amount of time it takes for your Bacchi to whistle (thereby indicating that it is ready for extraction), you can have a degree of control of the brew temperature. Brew pressure is controlled by the pressure valves built into the machine. 

3) Compact.

The Bacchi Espresso machine is extremely compact. Small enough to bring on camping trips even. Great for small-ish kitchens in Singapore households. 

4) Easy to Maintain.

Full-fledged espresso machines require regular maintenance and cleaning/de-scaling. Unless your hobby is cleaning espresso machines, we think the Bacchi Espresso machine is perfect for the busy individual. If you can wash the occasional dish or two, you can clean and maintain your Bacchi.

5) Make Espresso-based drinks like Lattes.

Although the Bacchi Espresso machine makes only espressos, you can still concoct your own lattes, Magics and what not, by using a milk warmer, and a milk frother (cheap cheap ;p).

We at Brewingbobby use the Bacchi ourselves, and we think that you will like it as much as we do. Get yours now, and be the envy of your friends!

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