We've got What You Want.

Posted on May 19, 2014 by Brewingbobby Admin

Our Chemexes and Aeropresses have been re-stocked, and we have several types Bialettis in store, all to satisfy your caffeine hunger!

Items usually run out quite fast, so you only have to be faster =)

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Flex Those Muscles

Posted on August 14, 2013 by Brewingbobby Admin

A good cuppa starts from a good coffee bean, and to get from bean to cup requires your best. Get the freshest beans from your local micro-roastery, and not off supermarket shelves. Grind it fresh just before brewing the coffee, and not hours, or days before! Granted, not everyone will be willing to plonk hundreds on an electric coffee grinder, but if you could spare something below $100, then the Kyocera Ceramic hand grinder is for you.

Sure it requires muscle power, but most of us don't brew that many cups of coffee in a day, so it is actually manageable. The extra effort you put into brewing your coffee just makes it taste all the more sweeter, for me at least.

Pair this grinder with your Chemex brewers, or the Aeropress, and you can almost say bye to the frequent cafe visits, because you can now enjoy freshly brewed coffee from freshly ground beans right at home.

Brewingbobby's wish is for households to enjoy tasty and fresh coffees without having to rob a bank. Getting your own hand grinder would be an essential step.

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